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New Hand Pan Tracks

Two new hand pan compositions are now up on the Artist page under Other Projects. “Silver Lining” and “Connections”, written and recorded during this time of Covid19 and sheltering at home.

Inner Rhythm Concert TBA 2021

The Inner Rhythm Band’s 20th anniversary concert of “Blue Blaze'” will be rescheduled to 2021. Stay tuned for the new time and location!

“Just Lookin'” Reviews!

Jazzquad Russia

Just Lookin’, the eighth album of drummer, composer, band leader and teacher Robert Jospe, is an excellent opportunity for a closer look at this musician and his work. His work is reminiscent of the McLaughlin disc The Inner Mounting Flame. Just Lookin’ is recorded with the Robert Jospe Express, this is a project almost identical to his own trio with the addition of a trumpeter and guitarist on several tracks. The main partners of Jospe are keyboardist Butch Taylor and bassist Dane Alderson: an almost classic jazz piano trio, but instead of acoustic instruments, they utilize keyboards. This line up has existed since 2013.  The album features three compositions by Jospe, one by Taylor, and one from the entire trio with one cover.

 Robert Jospe remains faithful to his love for electric fusion on this album. A clear rhythm, unbridled keyboard fluidity (Taylor plays both the electrified piano and Hammond), driving tempos on the title tune, tart sensuality on the ballads, and a healthy blues aftertaste. Which appropriately and expressively decorates the tone of John D’earth’s trumpet on “Just Lookin’” and “Round Seven.” Both Butch Taylor and guitarist Brian Mesko, who plays on “Snowed In,” are Jospe’s old partners in many performances and recordings. I think, this album should please fans of fusion.