The Robert Jospé Trios and Quartets

feature some of the areas best known musicians: On Piano/Keys: Daniel Clarke, Calvin Brown, Lucy Kilpatrick, Garen Dorsey.  On Guitar: Chris Whiteman, Royce Campbell, Carl Lester EL, Brian Mesko. On Bass: Paul Langosch, Neal Perrine, Randall Pharr.


Robert Jospe Quartet in concert

Daniel Clarke, Paul Langosch, Chris Whiteman


Royce Campbell, Neal Perrine

“I love to play different styles of music and to be in bands with great musicians” – Robert Jospé

“It’s the honesty you apply to your playing that makes music enjoyable. The style of the music has little to do with it. It’s only honesty that makes it beautiful.” – Elvin Jones


Robert Jospé and Inner Rhythm

Robert Jospé and the Inner Rhythm band with Jeff Decker on saxophones, Bob Hallahan on piano and keyboards, and Randall Pharr on electric and acoustic bass, combine funk, swing and Latin styles into a rhythm and grooved based modern jazz sound. Performing classics and originals with skill and precision this band of seasoned professionals have toured together for over fifteen years and released four CDs with much critical acclaim.


Click here for the full length videos of
Fire Sign
Blue Blaze
Infant Eyes
Night Out

“Robert Jospé and Inner Rhythm’s performance at Jefferson Center was fantastic! I still have people talking about the performance months later. The band was extremely tight and had wonderful energy on stage. The arrangements were top notch and they tastefully exhibited their chops on straight ahead jazz, Latin grooves, funk, beautiful ballads and even some African tunes! I look forward to working with this ensemble again in the future.” – Dylan Locke, Artistic Director, Jefferson Center, Roanoke, VA

Once again, we invited Robert Jospé and Inner Rhythm to appear as guest artists at the
2012 Wintergreen Summer Music Festival. The group is very popular with my patrons, and
they have performed multiple times for Wintergreen Performing Arts since my arrival as
Artistic and Executive Director in 2006.
Robert Jospé is always responsive to my programming needs. The performances are not
only musically superb, but they are presented in a way that draws the audience in . . .
teaching them many things along the way. If you want programs that are innovative, highspirited
and compelling, I urge you to book Robert Jospé and Inner Rhythm.
Larry Alan Smith, Artistic and Executive Director, November 29, 2012

Morrison recently remarked about Jospe’, who has long been a supporter and crowd favorite of Jazz in the Park. “He has managed to keep the same fine group together for all these years through the lousy economy. They are absolutely the tightest jazz group around. Jos is a like some kind of nuclear reactor that feeds the whole band but never overpowers them.” -Lew Morrison, Director, Jazz in the Park, Staunton, VA, article by Bill Kramer,The News Leader, July 2012