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“Just Lookin'” latest Review

The group is like a well-oiled machine of mastery. Each player adds to the overall sum of heightened musicality. Just Lookin’ is more than top-shelf players showcasing their individual prowess, it’s a cohesion of rhythms, complex harmonies and soaring performances…. Once again Jospé delights with his latest offering. Each track stands on its own merit and the playing is brilliant throughout. It’s hard to choose a favorite, so I will leave that to you. That’s the short of it! Adorjan Horvat for Staccatofy

“Just Lookin'” Review

Here’s the latest review from Jazz Word!

“Just Lookin’” sets the tone from the first notes that this is a serious jazz project with heavy weight players.”

“Filled with top-shelf performances and well-penned compositions Jospé proves he still has it.  His prowess is still equally primed and as muscular as it was on his first release Inner Rhythm released in 1990. At 69 years young, Jospé is showing no signs of slowing down.”