Just Lookin’

Robert Jospé Express, 2019

Just Lookin’

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Robert Jospé Just Lookin' Drummer leads band of nationally known artists on keys, bass, trumpet and guitar playing instrumental jazz fusion.

Just Lookin’ album notes

Just Lookin’ with the Robert Jospe Express featuring John D’earth on trumpet was recorded and mixed in 2018 by Mark Graham at The Sound in Charlottesville, Virginia and mastered by Dave Darlington in NYC. The new release is Robert’s follow up recording to his 2014 double CD “Classics”/ “Doin’ It Up”.  “Classics” featured the trio with Butch Taylor on keys and Dane Alderson on bass and “Doin’ It Up” features the quartet with Brian Mesko on guitar. This new album presents five original compositions and “The One Step” by Chick Corea.  The Express has performed regularly since 2013 throughout central Virginia and at numerous festivals and clubs in North Carolina. John D’earth and Robert have been recording and performing together since the 1970’s. Butch Taylor recorded and toured with the Dave Matthews Band for ten years and has been recording and performing with Robert since the 1980’s. Robert, John and Butch are members of the jazz faculty at The University of Virginia and live in the Charlottesville area. Dane Alderson originally from Perth, Australia currently resides in Charlottesville and has been a member of the Yellow Jackets touring and recording with the band since 2015. Brian Mesko originally from Arkansas currently resides in Roanoke, VA and has played with Robert for over ten years.

 “Just Lookin’” is an up tempo, straight ahead swinger composed by Robert Jospe. The tune features well known trumpeter John D’earth and Butch Taylor on piano as well as drum trades with Robert. “Expressway” featuring the trio was written by Robert, Butch and Dane and alters between an Afro 6/8 groove and a driving shuffle. Butch plays both electric piano and B3 organ. Robert plays both drum set and congas and features a drum solo near the end of the tune. “Snowed In” written by Robert is an electric funky tune featuring Butch on keys and Brian Mesko on numerous guitar tracks. “Beauf” written by Butch and named after our good friend and drummer extraordinaire of the Dave Matthews Band, Carter Beauford is a jazz fusion original featuring solos by Butch, Dane and Robert. “The One Step” by Chick Corea is a swinger from Chick’s 1978 album “Friends”. The trio has been playing this tune for years on live gigs. The tempo shifts between half time and double time with solos by Butch and Dane and drum trades with Robert. “Round Seven”, a funky fusion blues in 7/4, is another Robert Jospe original composition featuring John on trumpet along with Butch on piano and B3 and solos by John, Butch, Dane and Robert. This performance has a spontaneous unrehearsed jam ending.  Album photo by Robert Jospe.


The Jazz Word

“Just Lookin’” sets the tone from the first notes that this is a serious jazz project with heavy weight players.” ….”Filled with top-shelf performances and well-penned compositions Jospé proves he still has it. ” Full review by Sylvannia Garutch for The Jazz Word.


The group is like a well-oiled machine of mastery. Each player adds to the overall sum of heightened musicality. Just Lookin’ is more than top-shelf players showcasing their individual prowess, it’s a cohesion of rhythms, complex harmonies and soaring performances. Full review by Adorjan Horvat for https://www.staccatofy.com/jazz/robert-jospe-just-lookin-review/